Hele Aka Farm

Cultivating Sustainability on Maui

About Our Farm

Sustainable Agriculture in Maui's Heart

At Hale Aka Farm, nestled in the verdant uplands of Maui, our dedication to sustainable agriculture is more than a practice—it’s a heartful commitment deeply rooted in the land we cherish. In the heart of Maui, our farm stands as a beacon of sustainability, showcasing how harmonious farming practices can not only yield bountiful crops but also nurture the environment.

Embracing Traditional Wisdom

Hale Aka Farms merges traditional Hawaiian agricultural practices with modern sustainability to enrich the land and promote soil health, water conservation, and biodiversity.

Organic and Natural Farming

We utilize organic methods like composting and natural pest deterrents, avoiding synthetic chemicals to produce vibrant crops and protect the ecosystem.

Water Stewardship

Water is the lifeblood of agriculture, and at Hale Aka, we honor this precious resource through efficient and mindful usage.

Rooted in Tradition, Growing for Tomorrow

At Hale Aka Farms, we blend time-honored Hawaiian agricultural traditions with innovative sustainable practices, ensuring that every harvest respects and nurtures the land for future generations while promoting environmental stewardship, making a positive impact on both the land and the people of Maui.

The Hale Aka Farm Vision for a Sustainable Future

Native Grasses

We cultivate a variety of native grasses that enhance local biodiversity and support the ecological balance of Maui.

Fresh Vegetables

Our farm grows a rich assortment of fresh vegetables, ensuring a sustainable and nutritious source of food for the community.

Community Engagement

We actively engage with our community through educational programs and partnerships, fostering a deeper connection between people and their food sources.

Fresh Fruits

We specialize in producing a wide range of delicious and healthy fruits, grown with respect for the land and its natural cycles.

Healthy Livestock

Our livestock are raised in a humane, stress-free environment, contributing to our farm's sustainable ecosystem and providing quality produce.


Our farm focuses on land reclamation, restoring and revitalizing the soil to ensure a fertile and sustainable agricultural future.


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